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Treating dental damage often depends on assessing the damage that has occurred. Microscopic damage to your teeth in the form of dental erosion can often occur that can leave you with cavities. When a cavity forms, it means dental erosion has damaged your tooth enamel to the point that a hole has formed. Cavities must be treated to ensure the inner workings of a tooth are not further affected. A highly effective tooth restoration treatment to consider is a composite dental filling.

If your smile requires a composite filling placement to treat a cavity, it is important to understand the benefits that composite fillings can entail. Not only are the extremely durable and beneficial for preventing tooth fractures, but they can also easily last up to 10 years and be replaced many times over. One of the key benefits of composite dental fillings that they can be repaired numerous times without having to remove the original filling. This can provide decades of lasting support. In addition, they can help to immediately stop cavities from damaging your tooth further, as they will be helpful for preventing future tooth decay in a tooth as well. Furthermore, they can be used on cavities that are too small for dental amalgams to effectively treat.

If you need a composite filling, visit with your dentist to determine where they need to be placed. In areas with high erosion and cavities, composite fillings can be extremely beneficial. In addition, they are popular because they are tooth-colored in appearance. They can be matched to the colors of your teeth and seamlessly blend in with your natural smile for a beautiful aesthetic and a natural-looking dental profile. In addition, dental fillings are mercury-free, which would be beneficial to individuals allergic to the material. Furthermore, they are better sealants to the margins than dental amalgams, and will not leak.

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