Improving Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

If you need effective and fast-acting teeth whitening treatment to enhance your tooth color, our team can provide professional teeth whitening because we understand how much a white smile can influence your business and social interactions. Professional teeth whitening typically is more effective than commercial products at producing the results you need. If you are… Read more »

Enamel Erosion: What You Should Know

Enamel erosion is a dental issue that involves wearing down the tooth enamel and making the smile vulnerable to additional dental problems. Our dentist, Dr. Rani Ramnath, encourages you to take good care of your teeth so you can maintain the strong and healthy smile you need. One way to do so is to prevent… Read more »

Chipped Teeth Can Be Prone to New Cavities

Chipped teeth and minor dental fractures are often limited to a tooth’s enamel layer. In some of these cases the affected tooth might not even cause pain or heightened sensitivity. Yet, as time goes on the minor textures in the tooth’s enamel layer can start to accumulate food, plaque and other bacterial deposits. This can… Read more »

A Dental Checkup Twice Each Year to Maintain a Healthy Mouth

The American Dental Association advises everyone to have a dental checkup every six months with a qualified dentist like Dr. Rani Ramnath and the staff at Hoke Road Dental. This simple appointment will give the staff a chance to thoroughly clean your teeth and evaluate the health of your gums, teeth and mouth. If the… Read more »

Care for Your Smile by Learning About Dental Erosion Prevention

Protecting your smile often consists of numerous levels. However, one extremely damaging oral health ailment that can arise due to numerous risk factors is dental erosion. Dental erosion occurs when harmful acids eat through your tooth enamel. In order to help treat dental erosion, it is extremely important to understand the risk factors associated with… Read more »

Essential Dental Tips on Composite Dental Fillings

Treating dental damage often depends on assessing the damage that has occurred. Microscopic damage to your teeth in the form of dental erosion can often occur that can leave you with cavities. When a cavity forms, it means dental erosion has damaged your tooth enamel to the point that a hole has formed. Cavities must… Read more »

Mouthwash: Learn What Conditions it Can Address

Your oral health toolkit should contain an ADA approved toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss of choice. The ADA seal ensures that the product has passed rigorous testing and proven itself to be both safe and effective as you care for your smile. But have you considered adding a mouthwash to your oral care repertoire? A… Read more »

A Knocked Out Tooth Will Require Some Basic First-Aid

Athletes who participate in vigorous sports that risk contact to the mouth, need to use a quality mouth guard at all the appropriate times. Stock mouth guards, thermoplastic units, and custom mouth guards are all designed to help buffer the teeth from a blow to the mouth. If you fail to use the mouth guard… Read more »

Oral Hygiene Advice That Can Help You Have a Healthier Smile

Our dentist, Dr. Rani Ramnath, strongly recommends keeping up on oral hygiene. This is because oral hygiene is vital if you want a top-notch oral health and smile. So, she would like to help you have the best oral hygiene possible so you can have strong and healthy teeth and gums. To help you, she… Read more »

Maintain a Happy Smile with Endodontics

Have you ever heard of Endodontics? Although Endodontics might not be a familiar term to many individuals, it refers to a specialized branch of dentistry that is focused entirely on caring for the pulp of your tooth and tissues within the tooth’s root. Thanks to endodontics, it is possible to save broken and damaged teeth… Read more »