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Have you ever heard of Endodontics? Although Endodontics might not be a familiar term to many individuals, it refers to a specialized branch of dentistry that is focused entirely on caring for the pulp of your tooth and tissues within the tooth’s root. Thanks to endodontics, it is possible to save broken and damaged teeth that otherwise would need to be removed.

Endodontics requires endodontists to go to school for an additional 2 years of medical training beyond traditional dental school. With advanced training, endodontists learn how to perform complex oral surgeries designed to save broken and damaged teeth. Through the use of treatments such as root canals, each year in the United States, millions of teeth are able to be saved.

Endodontic treatments are important because if a pulp is damaged, it will need to be delicately removed to ensure the tooth can survive. Otherwise, a tooth with a damaged pulp will need to be extracted. Through endodontics treatments such as root canals, it may be possible for a tooth to last a lifetime. Root canals can also provide functionality back to a damaged tooth, including improving the ability to chew and eat food.

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