Dr. Rani Ramnath and our team are proud to serve wonderful communities with our modern, aesthetic dental care in Clayton, Ohio. We invite you to read some of our patient reviews to learn how others have benefitted from our dentist’s care. Call Hoke Road Dental today if you would like to make an appointment!

“All my life I’ve had great teeth just normal cleanings and at a younger age I did experience a cavity or two. I first met Dr. Rani when I cracked a tooth and needed to extract and replace it with a new one. She suggested I get an implant. My husband had one and I never thought I would or could even go through that process. Today I have two implants and I would recommend it to everyone. Dr. Rani, Jessica and Bonnie were so gentle and made me feel so relaxed and at ease. I’m really glad we found them. I enjoy going to my Dentist appt. now!!” – Patricia A. Wojtkowski

“My ‘roadway’ to Doc Rani was due to the ‘bumps & potholes’ I experienced at ‘Western Dental’ – At ‘Western Dental’ … I first received a diagnosis/treatment plan that did not make sense to me at all – When I questioned the ‘excessive’ cost for this ‘improper’ treatment… I was met with ‘multiple’ cold, rude and harsh responses – My subsequent first contact with the office of Doc Rani by telephone was with ‘Liz’ and it was ‘exhilarating’ – From her first words I felt ‘special’ … and that was just the beginning – When I arrived for my first office ‘visit’ (it never feels like a Dr’s ‘appointment’) … ‘Peggy’ greeted me with a wonderful warm friendly smile, and whenever a staff member walked past she introduced me – They made me feel like I was at a ‘Family Reunion’ meeting ‘Relatives’ for the very first time – ‘liz’, Peggy’, ‘lannie’, ‘Jessica’ and ‘Cynthia’ … They are not ‘the staff’ .. They are my ‘Dental Family’ – I will never forget when I first met Doc Rani … I’m sitting in the dentist chair and she appears wearing her mask that covers her mouth and nose – So as she speaks to me all I can see are her ‘eyes’ – As she explains ‘her’ diagnosis and the ‘proper’ treatment plan … not only are her words warm and caring, also were her ‘eyes’ – I am a Senior Citizen … so I know – Whenever want to know if someone truly cares … The answer is always in their ‘eyes’ … Doc Rani ‘truly’ cares about her ‘Dental Family’ – My treatment involved my front teeth and when she ‘volunteered’ the words … ‘I’m gonna make you look good’ … she ‘truly’ meant it ! – When she was done and handed me a mirror to look … It was ‘not’ for me to check, you know like when we get our hair done … NO ! … She was beaming with ‘pride’ and her ‘EYES’ said … ‘Yeah – look! … I told you I was gonna make you look Good!’ – You should see me … I look better than good … I look ‘GREAT’ – OH YEAH ? … When was the last time ‘YOU’ saved $1000.00 and looked ‘GREAT’ – So if you’re reading this .. You have arrived at the ‘RIGHT PLACE’ – Doc Rani is having a ‘Dentist Family’ reunion … And you are invited … come join the ‘family’!” – Fredrick Smith
“I just finished up with getting my ‘same day dentures’ processed that started in October, and I am soooo happy with my new look! Dr. Rani is very kind, thorough, and experienced, and she puts you at ease right away. I would definitely recommend her.” – Trudy Strand
“I have been a patient of Dr. Rani’s for a few years now for regular dental care, cleanings, etc. and have always been so pleased with the care I have received. The doctor has always been thorough, professional, and has always given me excellent care and never hurt me. Recently I embarked on a totally new adventure–that of dental implants. I had reached a tipping point where I was getting a little apprehensive about making a decision of either going to dentures or implants. I decided on implants. I have had the surgery and received my implants for the bottom. They are absolutely beautiful. I no longer have to be self-conscious about my smile. Doctor Rani has made me smile again for many reasons, not the least of which are healthy beautiful permanent teeth, and a pretty smile. I can’t say enough about her excellent care. I am definitely looking forward to completing the whole process and getting the top implants as well. 3 Cheers for Dr. Rani!” – Louise Willsey Mesa, AZ